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King for the Day

One day King River wilderness white water raft trip
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  • widerness rafting queenstown strahan tasmania

King River Rafting offers the only regular one day wilderness rafting experience in Tasmania.  From the start in Queenstown to arriving back there about 9 hours later you will have had the very best of times.

From Queenstown we will take you to Newall Creek on the King River for your Tasmanian West Coast adventure.  

Standing at Newall Creek you are in the midst of the West Coast Range in the King River Gorge.  Hidden in the rainforest not far away are the remains the abandoned goldmine Harris Reward.  

You are about to embark on a memorable journey through a temperate West Coast Tasmania Wilderness Gorge that will end as the river empties into the vast Macquarie Harbour.   Huon Pine trees, old and new line the river bank.  Wild life in the thick West Coast bush is always hard to see but you may catch a glimpse of a timid platypus or a subtle movement signalling a passing wallaby.  The small birds of the forest are about and as you near the sea the White-bellied Sea Eagle may be soaring overhead.  Evidence of past mining and man’s industrialisation will be everywhere, slowly rusting buck into the bush as nature reclaims its own.  You will see the West Coast Wilderness Abt railway from another angle.  

As you relax at the end of the day the memory of this 20 km one day journey down the King River will stay with you for ever, be it the exhilaration of the swiftly flowing gorge, the roar of the Sailor Jack Rapid or the serenity of the lower reaches this is a trip that is not to be missed.